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Our astrological sign can tell us a lot about ourselves, and most people are aware of which sign they are, some are not. There is also the small chance that you were born in between signs! This means you’re very special!

People who were born a few days before the sun’s movement from one astrological sign to the next, you are considered to be on the cusp. If you are one of the few people who was born on a cusp, you are very special. In fact, you might even have special abilities! Those who are born on a cusp share personality traits with both the zodiac sign beforehand, and the zodiac sign that comes after the cusp. It is essentially a mixture of two zodiac signs!

The cusp is the line that separates two astrological signs. It is the small window of time in between Leo and Virgo, and so on. There are several different cusps, 12 to be exact, and each one has their own individual mixture of two zodiac signs! Here are the dates, and the traits associated with those born on the cusp.

However, the Sun Sign is one of the important aspects in your astrological chart. In the past, astrologers considered the Moon sign to be the most important feature in a birth chart. The Moon Sign and the Ascendant (Rising) also influence the cusp. In our example above, if the Cancer/Leo baby has its Moon and Ascendant in fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) the fiery aspects of its character would predominate making it feel less like a soul divided.

  1. Aries & Taurus (April 17 -22) – The Cusp Of Power
  2. Capricorn & Aquarius (Jan. 16-22) – The Cusp of Mystery and Imagination
  3. Aquarius & Pisces (Feb. 15-21) – The Cusp of Sensitivity
  4. Pisces & Aries (Mar. 17 – 23) – The Cusp of Rebirth
  5. Taurus & Gemini (May 17-23) – The Cusp of Energy
  6. Gemini & Cancer (June 17-23) – The Cusp of Magic
  7. Cancer & Leo (July 19-25) – The Cusp of Oscillation
  8. Leo & Virgo (August 19-25) – The Cusp of Exposure
  9. Virgo & Libra (Sep. 19-25) – The Cusp of Beauty
  10. Libra & Scorpio (Oct. 19 – 25) – the Cusp of Drama and Critique
  11. Scorpio & Sagittarius (Nov. 18-24) – The Cusp of Revolution
  12. Sagittarius & Capricorn (Dec. 18-24) – the Cusp of Prophecy