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The metaphysical world is vast and imaginative. We cannot entirely fathom the realm of the metaphysical, but we ourselves are extremely strong souls and are capable of anything.

The cosmos has much bigger plans for us than giving us earthly materials and the world to live in. We are vast and amazing spiritual creatures and we are capable of so much more than making money and building infrastructure. Each of us is different, yet alike in many ways. We all have our auras that surround us. Auras are fields of energy that goes with us wherever we go. Auras are typically perceived to be a color, but it is actually a classification for a metaphysical category, per say. Each aura color has their own unique characteristics and traits. Knowing yours can really help you become spiritually in touch and achieve a higher consciousness.

If you are interested in finding out what your aura is, you can find out through the quiz below. It uses your astrological zodiac sign to diverse you into traits and characteristics based on it. It then pairs you with a colored aura that has similar traits shared with you. It’s fun too, give it a shot!