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Marilyn Monroe was adored by men all over the world in her day and is still quite loved even now. With that being said, she was definitely not a toothpick like the women we see all over magazines today.

Monroe’s size fluctuated a lot like most people’s do, but one thing she always maintained was comfort. She was always comfortable in her own skin and knew that her body was the only one she had. Sure, those were different times but we can still learn from them.

Monroe loved herself and you could see that in all of her photographs. This is very important. Monroe was not skinny but she definitely wasn’t fat either. She was healthy. Her thighs touched and no one seemed to mind. So why is it such a big deal for us now?

Her measurements were as listed in the image below alongside Mamie’s: (this of course varied from time to time)

As you can see from that Monroe was nothing more than a normal healthy woman. When you really get to the root of it all, the only thing that matters is that you are healthy and happy in your own skin. We should not be waking up hating our reflections every day. That is no way to live.

If you are skinny and healthy, then there is nothing wrong with that. The same goes for if you are bigger and still healthy. There is nothing wrong with accepting the body you have. Self-acceptance is what really makes a woman beautiful, not her size. Be confident in who you are. There is nothing wrong with curves, curves are beautiful.

Don’t be ashamed of that little bit of extra tub on your belly. You are amazing! Monroe’s measurements show us that there is nothing wrong with being who we are in our own skin. Being happy and healthy as I mentioned above should be our top priority. Are you comfortable in your skin?