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The metaphysical world is vast and hard to explain. The human mind cannot possibly imagine its density, but it sends us signs all the time.

There are many different scenarios in which a spirit guide might try to contact you. Whether it feels like it or not, the universe is always keeping an eye on us. Each person on Earth has a team of spirit guides that are completely devoted to their growth. Your spirit guides have had lifetimes here on earth and just like us, they have gifts, wisdom, and knowledge that can help us get through life. Their job is to support you and guide you as much or as little as you wish. There are many different ways that you can try to contact your spirit guides too.

Trying to contact your spirit guide just requires a little dedication and focus. You can simply ask clearly during meditation for your spirit guide to lead you in the right direction or reveal some answers to you. Our spirit guides are always ready to connect with us, but sometimes tuning into their frequency isn’t as easy as we think. You can enter a state of attunement meditation that lures your spirit guide to you and enables you to hear more clearly. You can do this as easy as switching off all electric things like TV’s in the room and simply breathe. Call out to your spirit guide!

There are many different spirit guides that can follow us. Spirits are all over the Earth, and the world in general, and they are just as diverse as we are. Depending on the signs one might send you, you can tell what kind of spirit might be following you. You can find out in the quiz below.