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In today’s world, it is hard to image people not being able to keep up with current technology. Everyone always has to have the newest and hottest tech gadget.

New products are released every month, making it hard sometimes for people to keep up. Technology has become such a prevalent part of society that it is just expected that everybody knows what to do with the advancements. Cell phones and social media, for instance, are so used that we are surprised if a person doesn’t use them.

This man applied to be a janitor at a large company, he never expected for such a job that something like an email address would be necessary. This turned out to be a major problem, because without one he would not be able to get the job. His solution might be the greatest thing you read all day!

This just proves that you do not have to have the fanciest gadgets at your disposal if you have common sense and determination. This is a lesson that all of us need to keep in mind.

W. Somerset Maugham