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A good woman is worth much more than you’re willing to give. You will regret not manning up when you had the chance.

A woman who cares about you and loves you will only give you so many chances before she is done trying. She believes you can be the amazing person she sees in you and she wants to be there to help you reach your full potential. However, she can only let you hurt her so much. You should do everything you can to get your shit straight before she realizes how much better her life truly is without you in it. Eventually, she will notice that you’re not worth her tears.

You can’t change after she’s reached her breaking point and expect her to still take you back, she isn’t going to give her freedom up for another possible mistake. No one should stick around and waste their time on someone who does not deserve them. She shouldn’t have to deal with whatever it is you have going on if she has tried helping you and you’re still stuck doing the same old things you do not deserve her.

You won’t have any trouble finding someone new so stop running back to your past. Grow up, find someone that will be there through all the normal challenges life throws your way. You should look back on the woman who was there for you in the beginning when you were at your worst and be thankful that you are both in better places because you are no longer hurting one another. Women like this teach us a very important lesson.

You will regret losing her because you will realize how important she was to you, and still is. You will regret not changing for her when you had the chance. You will regret not being all that she thought you could be when the timing was perfect.

You will regret not telling her how much she meant to you and holding her back for so long. You’re going to hate yourself for letting her go. You will regret not having been able to make things right, but you will feel stronger for having known her. You will regret losing her because she gave you everything she had when you had nothing to offer her.

You will regret losing her…