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There are many different kinds of psychological tests that can tell us a lot about who we are. Projection tests is among the most popular, and for good reasoning too.

Projection tests are evidence applied in psychology to uncover deep subconscious emotions. It is a way to uncover some of your darkest fears, values, dreams, suffering, doubts, and other buried psychological feelings, persay. It is used to identify the doubts and elemental properties within us that make up your personality. These components make up our impulses and subconscious defense mechanisms.

Ink blot tests are used massively in psychology today. They are pictures of random ink blots that might trigger a subconscious memory based on shape. The image below is based on your response. It brings forth your own personality and how it reflects your character.

The test is simple! All you have to do is look at the picture and note what you noticed first. Ready? Set. Go!

If You Saw…

The Little Girl

If you saw the little girl it is a sign that you have buried some deep emotions from your childhood. It could be trauma from your parental phase or even problems during infancy and early life. You might need to spend more time with your mother. You should also try to remember and conquer some of your own personal childhood emotions. Did you experience childhood trauma? If so, it’s okay. But, don’t let it take anymore from you. It’s already taken enough of your life.

The Butterfly

If you saw the butterfly first it means that you have hope for the future. No matter what issues you may face in life you will never lose your hope. You stay bold and prominent on the fact that things will get better for you in the future. This can also be a sign that you are about to begin a new phase in your life and happiness should be expected.

The Strawberry

If you noticed the strawberry over everything else in the photo, it is an indicator that you are searching for your true heart. Many people believe that strawberries are the tears that fell from the goddess venus. It can be a sign that you need to let yourself be vulnerable and trust the people around you.

A Skull

If you saw a skull first you see things a bit differently than other people do. The skull is part of the bigger picture, and it is not actually a part of the photo itself. If you noticed the skull in the first glance it can be a sign that you are living a subconscious fear of a loved one dying. You care very much about the ones close to you and you aren’t prepared to lose them. It is hard for you to come to terms with unavoidable death.

The Trees

Noticing the trees shows that you are very in touch with nature. It is recognized as your roots that connect to an unresolved inner conflict. You are the best person for diagnosing yourself of emotional issues and knowing when you’re not looking at things in the correct light.

You can use this test to help you realize the things you might not think about yourself. These things are tied to our roots and we can’t help them. Working on your issue can change your life. We are all capable of a full and happy life.