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Weirdos know how to introduce you to things you would have never tried before. They are special and will make your life a whole lot more fun.

When it comes to life weirdos are much more fearless and willing to go to great lengths to enjoy themselves. They will make you feel free. If you are lucky enough to have a weirdo in your life you will never be bored. Loving a weirdo is much more amazing than you would think.

Weirdos are always going on crazy adventures and living their life outside this ordinary world. They are constantly trying new things. If you love a weirdo be prepared to give new foods and places a go. Weirdos are funny without trying to be and will always do their best to keep a smile on your face.

They make just about every situation better and the way the view the world will have you on your toes. They are always themselves and never pretend to be anyone they are not. they won’t judge you and will love you for all of your flaws. Once you find your weirdo you may realize just how weird you are too. You see, weird attracts weird. Strange love is the best love.

Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. Even if the decision seems scary it is going to turn out great. Your weirdo will be supportive and always make sure you are living life to the fullest. Soon you won’t be following the rules society forces with us and making your own. weirdos are creative and don’t mind helping you explore yourself. No matter what you have to say they will always listen.

Weirdos are one of a kind souls that cannot be replaced. They are all unique and wonderful in their own ways. No two weirdos are the same and once you have found yours, you should do whatever it takes to hold on to them. Be good to your weirdo because they will always be good to you.