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We live in the age of social media, people are always taking pictures of themselves and posting it online. People are sharing selfies with their meals, during their workouts, and well… all the time really.

But did you know that your selfie addiction can actually ruin your relationship? Studies show that it can! There is without a doubt a serious issue going around concerning how much and what we post on our social media accounts. Is there such a thing as too many selfies? YES!

Social media has changed the way we communicate with one another it has turned an entire generation into narcissists. People are not concerned with world issues anymore. The majority of us are content spending our free time taking deceptive selfies and editing them in order to make ourselves more attractive so that we can post then all over our social media accounts.

Posting too many selfies can make your partner insecure. If you post solo selfies constantly it creates a persona that appears single online, and lots of partners are not happy about this. If you have ever had a significant other ask you who someone is on your Facebook based off a selfie, then you know exactly what I am talking about. You don’t have to even talk to the person to make your partner jealous, them liking your selfies is more than enough.

The study I referred to above shows that the more a person posts selfies on their social media the more the foundation of their relationship was torn apart. If you are having relationship issues it may be time to cut back on the selfies. Isn’t is crazy to think that at one point someone would have to have a portrait commissioned of themselves to obtain a selfie, and now we click and go as if it is nothing? If you notice your significant other being a bit uncomfortable about your overindulgence in selfies maybe try considering how important the relationship is to you. Is it worth cutting back on the selfie game?