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When you think of stress you might just assume that it is a basic reality of real life. In some cases this could be true, stress can grow into something much more than a little worry.

You can’t help but worry about some things, but if you are stressed out and worried more than you aren’t, then this is a huge issue. Constant worry can be completely debilitating and can result in severe depression. Worrying is terrible for your health, so here is how to retrain your brain to let go and trust the universe.

Write Down your Worries

Writing down your worries can be extremely helpful when the stress becomes too much to bear. Writing them down almost relieves a burden from your shoulders. It gives off the perception that your worries are somewhere else than inside your head. It also is a perfect way to gather your thoughts on the issues and appropriately come up with a plan on how you are going to deal with it. A study performed by researchers at the University of Chicago showed that test takers that were anxious performed much better after they wrote down their anxious thoughts prior to the test.


Meditation can be an excellent way to release the stress. You might think of meditation as being a hard thing to accomplish, but it isn’t. At any given point throughout the day, you can close your eyes and simply think of nothing. It is an excellent and easy practice for stress relief. Some people have even claimed to feel a “high” as a result of the highly relaxed state of your body. Research from Carnegie Mellon University states that practicing mindfulness meditation for 25 minutes per session for three consecutive days can alleviate psychological stress.


Channeling your stress into exercise is an excellent way to deal with your pent up tension. Of course, you could just punch a wall, but that would hurt. Exercise works similarly, except it has a positive effect on your body rather than a negative. When you are highly stressed you are more likely to put more effort into your workout, This will not only increase your physical health, but it will also make you feel better than ever mentally. While you’re exercising you do not realize it, but you are purging that stress, worry, and tension. A good thirty-minute workout is an excellent way to top off a stressful day.