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We all have a soulmate out there somewhere in this world. But what kind of soulmate do you have?

The five types of soulmates are here to propel us forward in this life. Without them, we would not get very far at all. These people are those with whom we develop a deeper connection than with others. Take a look below to find out what kinds of soulmates you may encounter. Whether you believe there is just one or multiple there are without a doubt different kinds.

1. Past-Life Soulmates

These are the people who were likely your soulmates in a past life. The relationship will be easy and comfortable. You may feel connected with them no matter the distance. These relationships are some that shape us into who we are meant to be. They are relationships with people we can be our true selves around. You will know this one from the feeling you get when you meet them, it will be as if you have always known them.

2. Karmic Soulmates

These people are connected with you from a past life as well. They offer much deeper connections that often end in you learning a lesson and parting ways. These relationships will be more of a twin like connection. There will be much more intense emotion than in any other type of relationship. You will be able to tell this one from the others because of the intensity.

3. Twin Flames

This is the relationship that will overcome any obstacle that comes its way. You can talk to this person without running out of things to talk about. This relationship is exactly what it is called. You have found your twin flame your identical soul partner. This relationship will be the most fulfilling. You will know when you have found your twin flame. This is what your soul has been searching for all along.

4. Healing Soulmates

This relationship is also one that will teach a lesson. It is one that shows up exactly when you need it. If there is an important lesson you need to learn they will show up and force you to learn it. You will feel a difference in this relationship.

5. Temporary Soulmate

This soulmate is one you will want with every fiber of your being but it just won’t work. For this person, you may be their healing soulmate and just not realize it. They need you and there is something they need to learn from you whether you are aware of this or not. You may be a bit confused by this one but will realize the truth over time.