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The most amazing part of learning about your sign is learning about your sex life. Based on traits of our signs we can learn a lot about what we like in the bedroom.

Do you have a hidden kink or even something small that gets you going? Check out your sign below and let us know if it was on point or not. What gets you off?


Being dominated, while you would assume an Aries would prefer to be the dominant one in bed you couldn’t be more wrong. Aries can be submissive when they need to be, being controlled in the bedroom really drives them wild.


Having their hair pulled, yes something this simple will be more than enough to throw them over the edge.


Foreplay, a Gemini is all about the fun before the sex. They will likely tease the shit out of you, to say the least.


This sign is one that is more loving and caring than most they are all about the romance, you will have them soaking their panties the more romantic you are.


Roleplay, yes you love roleplaying whether you know it now or not. When it comes to a Leo they always want to be in the spotlight this is carried out in the bedroom as well.


Anal, not necessarily receiving but performing. Just the thought of your significant other mixing things up and letting you slip one in their rear end will have you hard as a rock.


Choking will get you more excited than you would have ever imagined. If you haven’t tried it yet give it a go, for some it the act of choking and others it is being choked, which one are you?


You will do whatever it takes to please your partner and this is why oral is your calling.


You are someone who gets more worked up over the connection than the act itself. If someone has a good connection with you, it will get you going much more than anything else would.


You like to dominate in the bedroom and this surprises a lot of people. In the bedroom, you take on a completely different persona one that people cannot get enough of.


You love to be spanked in every sense of the word. There is something about it that drives you wild.


You spend a lot of time adding sex toys to the bedroom. There is nothing wrong with that. This is a great way to mix things up and find out what you and your partner really enjoy the most.