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As you may already be aware there is an animal associated with each sign, however, those animals vary when it comes to our sexual lives. Who are you in bed?


Aries is one of the more passionate signs. Being fierce and rebellious those of this sign are like Cheetahs. You put your all into whatever you are doing. Your speed and agility really make for a good time.


You are very much like the Elephant. You form deep connections with those around you and it takes time for you to let your guard down. You are fierce and often underestimated.


You are sexy and smart but when you need to be you are more sly than any other sign. You are curious and most of the time down to try new things. When it comes to your inner beast you are a Fox.


You are a Penguin, you love hard and don’t give up. Penguins go to great lengths to make love gestures for their mate. Much like the search for the perfect pebble, you will do whatever it takes to please your partner.


Your animal is the only one that remains true to the sign. You are a Lion. You are loyal and dominate, a leader in the bedroom without a doubt. You are always in control.


You are a Monkey. You need stimulation when it comes to your imagination. You are smart and emotional but sometimes can be a bit less fun than the other signs.


You are an Otter, you need to be with others to feel safe. You love being intimate and never want to let go of those you love.


You are a Cougar when it comes to the sexual food chain there are few above you. You are passionate and will always go after what you want.


You are a Donkey you need a lot of work and often come off as a jerk. While sometimes you can be stimulating to others there are moments when no one has a clue what you are up to. You need to take some time to think about how things are done.


You are a house Cat and there is nothing wrong with that. When it comes to getting all the attention you know exactly how to get it. You enjoy your life of frivolity.


You are a Zebra and there is no way around it. You love to be around others and do not do well alone. When it comes to the bedroom you need someone who can get along with you on a deeper level.


You are a Wolf you know what you need to do and while it may take you a minute to get it done you do it. You are loved by many and always on top even when it seems you aren’t.