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Every zodiac sign has the potential to be annoying in some way or another. We all have aspects of our personalities that could be seen as less favorable, that doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with us but we do have room for improvement in some cases.

The more annoying parts of our personalities will, of course, come out to play from time to time and there is nothing wrong with that. We may not even notice that something is annoying until someone mentions it as an issue. If you want to know what your most annoying trait is, look for your sign below.


You are too angry, you will argue with anyone and it can be embarrassing. You are always the first to let someone else know they have messed up and often take things too far.


You are too stubborn and it can be a problem. You refuse to lose no matter what the topic is. No one likes to go up against a brick wall, sometimes you really just need to sit back and see things from a different point of view whether you can or not.


You are too shifty and people can’t stand it. You will go from talking to someone every day to ghosting them for months. Your temporary friendship puts people on edge and makes them dislike you after awhile. You need to figure out what you want with each friendship and stop shutting others out.


You are too sensitive and lots of people find it to be annoying. The people who care about you often get upset over you being upset just to find out you were upset over practically nothing. You need to try to hold back some and stop sweating the small stuff.


Your ego is annoying. No one likes to be around you once they get to know you because of how self-centered you are. You are constantly fishing for compliments and trying to make sure you maintain the spotlight.


Your constant criticism is annoying. No one wants to hear you go on and on about making you wait five minutes for dinner while they were stuck in traffic or something along those lines. Stop micromanaging so much and let people make their mistakes, you cannot change the past and are only ruining the future.


You are always trying to say what people want to hear and it makes you come off as fake. No one likes a fake person and you always come off as annoying for it. Speak up and be yourself, you will get much further that way.


You are too controlling and people do not like that. Whether it is a romantic relationship or a friendship you seem to want to be the one making the plans and keeping things under your control. Stop being so shady and rude, let someone else take the reigns from time to time. You can’t expect everyone to bend to your will their whole lives.


You don’t ever follow through on things. People get annoyed when you say you will do something and never show up. Sure, you love adventure and are spontaneous but you also have responsibilities that you should be putting first.


You seem to think you are better than everyone else whether you notice it or not. People do not like this. You come off as vain and are too stubborn to notice. Try not to be so smug and some of those close to you may start acting differently.


You are trying too hard. People don’t like to see you put forth so much effort to stand out and be a free-spirit. Your need to be open-minded makes you seem far more close-minded with those around you. Just be yourself and the rest will fall into place, you don’t have to try so hard.


You don’t put any effort into life. People want to count on you but they can’t. You need to get out of the fantasy world and start taking responsibility for yourself. Holding people up in the way that you do is disrespectful and annoying. Start saying what you mean and try to find some motivation.